5 Awesome Things To Do In Jozi !

16 novembre 2015

Me:  I can’t wait to go on vacation

Them: Oh nice, any travel plans? Where are you going?

Me: South Africa

Them: WHY?!? (with a funny face) or don’t get there, it’s too dangerous !

To make this short, I heard all kind of reasons of why I should not go to South Africa, especially Johannesburg. The recent line of events from the anti-foreigner violence earlier this year to the student’s protests last month “Fees must fall” did not help at all.

I was, however, determined or should I say We were determined to go on this must needed getaway from Abidjan. Besides South Africa has been on my Travel Bucket List for a while and I owe it to myself to celebrate a milestone birthday in an amazing country.

Although I am not a travel blogger but just a travel lover, I thought this top 5 Awesome Things To Do In Jozi might be helpful as I am myself did a lot of research before taking off.

Johannesburg aka Jo’burg or Jozi is a fast-paced city. There are zillions of things to do and explore while there.

1. Sightseeing

One of the reasons why I wanted to visit South Africa was for its rich history linked to the Apartheid and Nelson Mandela’s story. Historical sites such as the Apartheid Museum and Constitution Hill are must visit sites among so many others. One way good to visit a good number of them and to learn along the way is by hoping on the City Sightseeing Bus. You will pass by places such as the Gandhi Square and get a panoramic city view if you hop off at the Carlton Centre and take the elevator to the Top of Africa.

2. Arts & Street Art

The South African Art scene is constantly evolving.  From Arts Galleries such as the Wits Art Museum & the Stevenson Gallery in Braamfontein to Street Art, you name it!

Other galleries worth visiting are the Goodman Gallery, Everard Read & Gallery Momo.

  3. Food Markets etc…

Food, music & shopping! What more could we want? You should have seen us at the Neighbourgoods Market in Braamfontein (held every Saturday), we looked like children at disneyworld !

Another market open on Saturday is the Jozi Real Food Market.

On Sundays, you may want to head to the Market on main in Maboneng for a fun foodie experience.

4. Cocktails & Co!

I won’t be able to tell you where we had the best cocktails just because they were honestly ALL on point!

From the cocktail tasting at Beer Co in Germiston, AND the cocktails at the Hard Rock Café in Sandton & at Bannister in Braamfontein, AND the “Six in the City” at Six Cocktail Bar in Melville, to the Green Melon & Spicy Mojitos at the Neighbourgoods Market !

You may also want to head at the Living Room & Lenin’s Vodka Bar in Maboneng.

5. Restaurants & Co!

There is an incredibly rich culinary heritage in South Africa.  We had so much to eat & taste in so little time.  I was however told not to leave the country without eating some Pap (usually a side dish which refers to a kind of maize porridge) and experience a shisa nyama (a popular phrase to describe an informal barbecue).

Where to find it? You may want to try Chaf Pozi in Soweto and Shisa Nyama in Midrand (40 minutes away from Jozi)

On another note, if you are a fan of jazz & live music, we do recommend the Orbit in Braamfontein. We unfortunately found out that some restaurants close early in Jozi, one of our alternative for late dinners was Mimmos; an Italian restaurant that serves a delicious sweet & salty salad.

You may also want to try Moyo, which is an institution in South Africa with its face-painting upon arrival.

That’s it for my little guide of Awesome things to do in Jozi and believe me this blog post does not even cover a quarter of all that the city has to offer 🙂

I would like to end this article by a little shout-out to a guide we fell in love with : Johannesburg in your pocket. Make sure you grab a copy upon arrival or check their website for useful info.

Veni . Vidi . Amavi. – I came. I saw. I loved.

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  • Reply Ivy 17 novembre 2015 at 13 h 42 min

    merciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii pour ces useful tips ! et les photos des plats donnent l’eau à la bouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuche 🙂

    • Reply Afrofoodie 17 novembre 2015 at 14 h 25 min

      Merci chérie ! On aura l’occasion d’en discuter dans tous les cas 😉

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  • Reply Kishor 15 septembre 2016 at 17 h 24 min

    South Africa is in my list, and this city too. The food looks delicious too.

    • Reply Afrofoodie 15 septembre 2016 at 17 h 45 min

      Hello Kishor. Many thanks for visiting my blog. I definitely recommend South Africa to everyone and I am sure you will « fall in love » as much as I did.

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